DJ.Jonathan More (Coldcut) – Fri 12th Dec – 8pm

Plug Artists & Psychonavigation Present :

DJ.Jonathan More (Coldcut)

DJ.Mixmaster Morris (Ninja Tune, Bigchill)


Date: December 12th 2008
Venue : Andrews Lane Theatre
Doors: 8pm – 11pm
Admission : €15 on the door & from


Jonathan More (Coldcut)
Former art teacher Jonathan More and computer programmer Matt Black have been a team since the mid-eighties. Both Matt and Jonathan had been building their DJ reputation on the nascent rare groove / warehouse party scene. Jonathan had a show on the then pirate station Kiss FM and worked in Reckless Records in London’s west end, where he sold Matt a bootleg of Across The Tracks by Maceo & the Macks. Matt came back the next day with Say Kids, What Time Is It? and suggested they work on it together. Meanwhile Jonathan helped Matt onto Kiss FM and they soon started the joint Solid Steel show (still running to this day). Say KidsЕ was released in 1987 becoming the UKs first sample-built record. In the same year the duo defined the term Сremix on Eric B and Rakim’s Paid in Full, cutting and pasting Israeli singer Ofra Haza’s vocals in a notorious reworking which became a worldwide classic. Coldcut’s talent was recognized by a BPI Producers Of the Year award in 1990. Their debut album, What’s That Noise? went silver.
The concept of setting up an independent label took shape during a trip to Japan where Matt and Jonathan made a discovery: We found a book about cut-out-and-keep Ninjas. They build these amazing houses where they have special traps so they can disappear and reappear somewhere else. They were all about artifice and hidden identity. Tiring of the juggernaut marketing ethic of major labels, this stealthy philosophy seemed appealing. They wrapped up their involvement with the Big Boys in 1993 with the album Philosophy and plunged into the establishment of Ninja Tune, though not before their ambient cover of Autumn Leaves had kick started the easy listening movement.

More than a decade later, in January 2006 the grandmasters unleashed their latest and greatest opus, an album titled Sound Mirrors. Released via their Ninja Tune label, it’s an innovative feast of contemporary sound and vision. On the eye-opening Sound Mirrors world tour, the dynamic duo have been making quite spectacular use of Pioneer’s DVJ-X1 DVD decks in conjunction with laptop technology running VJamm software (yet another Coldcut creation). Coldcut view the DVJs as a natural evolution of the CDJ-1000s and have been producing a cappella video footage of guest artists, which they then cut up/scratch and mix in live using the DVJs. Through this exciting technique they are ‘virtually’ able to take any number of musicians with them on tour and spontaneously call upon their video/vocals at the push of a button.

Mixmaster Morris
Mixmaster Morris (real name: MorrisGould) began his career as a DJ around 1982, spinning indie and punk music in London. As he continued, he expanded to experimental jazz and fusion artists like Sun Ra and Captain Beefheart. He also started to host one-man electronic shows, using loops and tapes to make hypnotic, ambient mixes. He began to work in London’s pirate-radio scene, where he first gained the nickname Mixmaster Morris. In 1987, Morris and his musical partner began making music under the moniker of irresistible Force. 1988 saw the first annual Madhouse event. The show that was one of the first to celebrate electronic music. A tour with Meat Beat Manifesto led to the recording of his first single, 1989’s “I Want To,” and a split from de Moor that saw him retaining the name Irresistible Force. He was the supporting DJ for the Shamen’s tour of Europe, while continuing to play chill-out rooms at underground parties.

He performed regular gigs at Alex Patterson’s (The Orb) legendary club Heaven. Morris then played an infamous 16 hour long show with Aphex Twin. In 1992, he finally released a full album under the Irresistible Force name, Flying High. numerous singles, remixes followed. The next album, “Global Chillage” came in 1994 Irresistible Force was becoming one of the premier names in ambient music, giving Morris the chance to tour the world with his unique sound. Several tours, including notable appearances with rock artists Seefeel and Spiritualized, would follow as he began to get the credit he deserved as one of the first ambient techno artists. Problems with his label prompted a break from recording, but by 1998 he returned with “It’s Tomorrow Already” on the Ninja Tune label. Morris is currently working on a brand new album with long time collaborator Jonah Sharp (Spacetime Continuum)

R.S.A.G. aka Jeremy Hickey is a multi-instrumentalist who records, performs and produces all his own material. His debut Double Album ‘Organic Sampler’ has just been released on Psychonavigation Records. R.S.A.G’s career has catapulted in the last 7 months and has included a recent support of The Fall in the Spiegeltent. He also headlined the Body and Soul Arena at Electric Picnic Liam O’Maonlaigh and Ronan O’Snodaigh. The impromptu jam that followed left weekend revelers reeling. His album was also recently chosen as album of the fortnight by the renowned music store ‘Road Records’.


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