Fennesz – Wed 6th May – 8pm


Octet Promotions presents


+ Somadrone

Doors: 8pm

Tickets: €23.50 incl booking fee

At the frontier of contemporary music is Fennesz: a meticulous laptop conceptualist who weaves tangible melodies and glowing guitars through dense, symphonic electronica. Christian Fennesz is know from his own particular musical world as well as his impeccable work in creating beautiful compositions for guitar. Somewhere between concrete music, classical and ambience sounds, he stretches musical resources and effects to create melodies and atmospheres that fuse classical and orchestral concepts with conceptual musical research and complex digital structures.
He has recorded and also performed with Ryuichi Sakamoto as well as playing live with artists such as Keith Rowe, Sparklehorse, & Mike Patton to name but a few. Fennesz has also worked alongside Peter Rehberg and Jim O’Rourke in the improvisional trio Fenn O’Berg, and with David Sylvian who sang on his album “Venice” and for whom Fennesz composed the music for the song “A Fire in the Forest” for Davd Sylvian album “Blemish”.



Myspace: myspace.com/octetpromotions



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