DEAF 09 – Sun 25 Oct – 9pm

DEAF small

Planetary Assault Systems / Ancient Methods

078 Planetary Assault Systems

Earwiggle present

Planetary Assault Systems (Live,, UK), Ancient Methods (Live, Ger), Sunil Sharpe (Irl), Rory St John (Live, Irl) + Giles Armstrong (Irl) Live visual programming by Brandscape OPTIK

Andrews Lane Theatre, St Andrew’s Lane, Dublin 2 .


9pm-late €18 incl booking fee from Spindizzy, City Discs, Road & €18 + booking fee from

October bank holiday Sunday ends a 15 year long wait for the live Irish debut of Planetary Assault Systems‚ the legendary production alias of UK techno pioneer Luke Slater. Fresh from the release of one of 2009’s essential albums ‚ ‘Temporary Suspension’‚ on Berghain in-house label Ostgut Ton, Slater’s Planetary project has once again raised the standard for modern techno production. He is joined by another one of today’s most exciting acts, Ancient Methods (Berlin), who in four releases have built up a cult international following amongst a wide reaching range of fans. Sunil Sharpe, Rory St John and Giles Armstrong complete the lineup.

Planetary Assault Systems [Mote Evolver / Ostgut Ton – UK] (live)

Planetary Assault Systems is used for UK techno pioneer Luke Slater’s harder edged output – a sound that had gone into the heads and hearts of the dance scene and as a result became a milestone in UK techno history. Recording also as Clementine, 7th Plain, Morganistic (with Alan Sage) and as The X-Tront, Slater released 4 full length PAS albums on Peacefrog, and ascended to the majors in 1997 with the release of a modest milestone of latter-day techno album on NovaMute that resulted in 1997’s ‘Freek Funk’ and the album ‘Wireless’ followed two years later. His first volume of the mix series ‘Fear and Loathing’ appeared in 2001 on React. ‘Alright on Top’ from 2002 was an “album of songs” with vocals from Ricky Barrows and others featured on every track. The second volume of ‘Fear and Loathing’ appeared in late 2004. Maintaining multiple musical personalities, different in style yet bound together by a distinct quality, his work has often combined ambient and experimental textural elements with direct, minimalist rhythmic structures.

His international DJ career and live performances are far-reaching with headline gigs at full speed all over the world. Equally revered as a taste maker and remix artist, Luke has released a mix for the Fabric DJ-mix series and has reinvented innumerable tracks in remixes from artists like Depeche Mode and Ken Ishii to more recent remixes for the likes of Radial and Soul Designer. In 2006 Luke set up his label Mote-Evolver, giving him the chance to release music of artists who often peak in his personal charts. 2009 has contributed an essential chapter to Luke’s already compelling tale – with momentum gathered from recent contributions to Berghain’s Ostgut Tontrager label, Luke’s eagerly anticipated Planetary Assault Systems album ‘Temporary Suspension’ has been one of the 2009’s standout releases, once again raising the bar for his peers and rewarding his loyal legions of fans.


Ancient Methods

Ancient Methods [Ancient Methods – Berlin] (live)

With just four 12” releases to date since their birth in 2007, Ancient Methods (the label and act) have already placed a significant stamp on the picture of techno today. Using their long running experiences as resident DJs at Tresor Club Berlin, the pair began to produce together in 2005, forging a sound that some have described as ‘pitch black techno war funk’. While not an anonymous project, like some may believe, Ancient Methods feel comfortable to be viewed just through their music, rather than through any additional data or manifesto that is often expected in today’s information hungry world.


Sunil PL 2008

Sunil Sharpe (DJ)

Sunil Sharpe is one of Ireland’s most celebrated underground DJs. Having played at many of Europe’s most dedicated techno clubs like  Tresor (Berlin), U-Club (Bratislava), Locked (Manchester) and others, as well as on every scale of the circuit in Ireland, Sunil has also recorded for Open Source, Tonewrecker, Bastardo Electrico and his own Mantrap stamp – a label that has gained quick popularity with many of electro and techno’s big hitters. Sunil also resides on 2FM, teaches budding DJs at BIFE and continues his mission on the frontline at Spindizzy Records. An impromptu back to back set with Regis for Test was seen by many as one of the highlight moments of DEAF 2008.


Rory St John

Rory St John (live)

Rory St John is a Dublin based producer, fast being recognised as one the freshest talents on the international techno landscape. Rory’s music has appeared on labels such as Ante-Rasa, Limetree Projects and Mantrap, and has featured in the sets of Dave Clarke, Rob Hall, Surgeon and many others. A versatile supplier of many styles of dancefloor music, Rory also records under the name of ‘Uninerves’, an alias reserved for his deeper, dub injected material. A recent graduate of Trinity’s College’s Music and Media Technology course, Rory’s development in all aspects of audio-visual arts have grown in tandem with his reputation as a killer live techno act.

Giles Armstrong

Giles Armstrong (DJ)

Assuming something of a Don Corleone presence on Dublin’s techno scene from the beginning of this decade, Giles progressed from filling his weekly radio show on Power FM with the cream of homegrown and international names, to soon creating a club equivalent through ‘Electric City’ – one of the few groundbreaking Irish club nights of recent years. Giles’ stellar selections and smooth set building abilities have established him as one of the country’s most relevant DJs, with his services being in constant demand. Whether he’s playing ‘super clubs’ like Shine or Tripod, festivals like Electric Picnic, performing basement warfare at Twisted Pepper or spinning at weddings in Leixlip, Giles is always a man for the occasion.


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