Noize – Every Thursday – 9:30pm

RELAUNCHING 17TH OF SEPTEMBER! On Every Thursday Afterwards!

Everyone’s favourite live bands/Indie/Electro club night is coming back! Now on every Thursday!

5 euro in or 8 euro for two people with wristbands or flyer!

New Drinks Promos Announced!

Btl Miller €2.50
Shot Apple Schnapps €2.50
Butter Ball €2.50
Pint Bud €3.00
Pint Harp €3.00
Btl Corona €3.00
Smirnoff ice €3.00
Vodka & splash €4.00
Double Vodka & Red Bull €10.00

If your band wants to play just drop us a comment and we’ll give you a listen and maybe a slot one of the nights! Upcoming DJs can apply too!

For those of you that don’t know, Andrew’s Lane is just off Dame street, beside the Tourist Centre and behind 4 Dame Lane! It has a state of the art sound system, and many world renowned acts have played and will play there, from Boys Noize to Pendulum!





  1. Hey,

    Just wanted to enquire about your opening hours on the 1st of April. Will there be any change to your normal opening hours due to Good Friday?

    Regards, Roisin

    • Hi Roisin,

      On Thursday everywhere has to close at 11:30 so ALT won’t be open. Noize has moved to Wednesday the 31st instead.


  2. Hey,

    Just wanted to know if yous are open 2moro night? Have gone a few thursdays and its been closed 😦


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