ANDREWS LANE THEATRE 26th of FEBRUARY From 9 till 2:30 

The Isotope Agency Dublin presents:


SPEAKERTREATZ  Dj from Club Neon Love & Blisscotheque



PUMP UP THE JAM: The Greatest 90s Dance Sounds Of All Time

Pump Up The Jam play all the best-loved House, Techno, Soul and Hip-Hop of the 90’s – From S’Express to Dee-Lite to Ce-Ce Peniston and Soul II Soul, From 2 Unlimited to Gala and The Prodigy.

With 4 Amazing Vocal talents and the most accomplished LIVE dance sound you’ve never heard, no one will be able to leave the dancefloor all night!

Spot prizes, Lucky bags, Glow Sticks, Lollipops. Best-dressed competitions and the most uplifting music of all time make for the best new show in town !!!

Some of songs you can expect to hear:

Back to Life, Barbie Girl, Dub Be Good to Me, Finally, Freed from Desire, Good Life, Groove Is In the Heart, Jump Around, Vogue, Killer, No Limit, Pump up the Jam, Rhythm is a Dancer, Ride on Time, Saturday Night, Sing Hallelujah, The Only Way is Up, Theme from S’Express, Things Can Only Get Better, You Got the Love………..

Songs by such artists as:

C&C Music Factory, Gala, The Prodigy, Snap!, Technotronic, Robin S, Dee-Lite, 2 Unlimited, Culture Beat. Black Box, Rozalla, Inner City, S’Express……….  

Band Biog:

It’s the 80’s and popular music is dominated by big hairstyles, teen mags and bubblegum. Where was the danger, the fun and excitement? Were the charts to be forever for the pre-pubescent, or was there something more underground and so downright nasty your parents could never love or endorse it. Fortunately there was, and it was called ACIIIEEEEDDD!!!!!!!

Pump Up The Jam was founded by 2 original Rave-machines. MR303 and TR808.

MR303 handles the Bass, Synths and Samples and TR808 is the human rhythm machine. Like all good bionic musicians they never make mistakes, but sometimes their music is so stomping they have to wear gasmasks to avoid binary overload!

‘The Droids’ needed an M.C. and soon found Daddy Mac rapping to thousands of ravers in abandoned aircraft hangars. Call him Mr Raider, call him Mr. Wrong or just plain insane girls, as long as you call him!

Daddy Mac transformed the Sound System by indoctrinating rave-chicks Winnie and Susan into the group and re-naming the band ‘Pump Up The Jam’. Winnie and Susan were brought up by their strict dentist father and doctor mother on a strict diet of tennis during the day and study at night. Here they are to sing and dance their way into your hearts..

However the band was only really complete with the addition of Missie Lee – With a PHD in Anthropology Missie Lee joined ‘The Pump’ after first subduing a lost New Guinean tribe. with her extraordinary voice. Do not mess with Missie….

Some Backround Information about the members of the band:

Pump Up The Jam is managed by a member of The Camembert Quartet (Cormac Moore who is also Musical Director), features a well-known Television presenter as our M.C. (Liam McCormack), musicians and singers who are and were members of Abbaesque, The Glam Tarts, IKeano amongst others (Brian Moylett and Lee Redmond) and also introduces some new vocal talent in Winnie and Susan Nsubuga.

“the impressive Grades of Shade, fronted by vocal powerhouse Hazel Peters. Grades of Shade are like a cross between Massive Attack and Groove Armada – one to watch”
Herald AM

Whelan’s 9/7/08

Tower Records 02/04/09
Dublin Band Grades of Shade entertained the customers at Tower Records with an hour of Urban Electronic indie sounds. They have a real nice laid back attitude and the lead singer Hazel Peters has a very soulful voice that blends into the electronic feel that the music gives off. New sounds is what bands try to make and originality is what most musicians set out to achieve but Grades of Shade have nailed it with a sound of their own, this could be the key to future success. The band got a real urban mood to it when rapper JMC jumps in to mc to the beat and electronic indie flavor coming from the rhythm section which keeps the whole sound just right for the ear. There are two tracks on the new EP the first song is “Reality” kicking in with 80’s style pop guitar and electronic grooves. Hazel Peters voice taunts the rhythm with wailing catchy lyrics, excellent stuff! The second song on the EP is called “Ejector Seat” JMC leads this song with his hip hop styled vocals and Hazel Peters joins in with great catchy promo lyrics. Very clever from the band on this song, short but sweet, perfect for a B side track and a good one to spin to radio Dj’s.
Review by T.Halpin Music Review Unsigned Rank:***** 5 out of 6
OK4U Review: The Star (The Scene) 20/11/09
This is a promising debut album from a Dublin five-piece who have already gained a reputation on the Irish scene as being an amazing live act – with their impassioned mix of rap, rock and electronics. Experimental moments such as Impossible Is Nothing and Come Home – see rapper JMC lead the way and weave trip-hop influences with their own unique, raw style. Sexy lead vocalist Hazel Peters shines on the more direct, in-your face indie cuts like Hot 4/5****

OK4U Review: Road Records
The debut album from this dublin based outfit features a selection of dubbed up funky rock sounds dipping into some kind of hip hop rock hybrid at times. Taking influences from the likes of the Happy Mondays, Alabama 3, Basement Jaxx and Groove Armada. Its full of good time funked up rock sounds


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